NVIDIA OEM Customization Tool

This new system dashboard gives OEM's the freedom to configure and build their own Nvidia demo on the fly. It allows them to update or create new key features and assign them to different models of PC.

For this project:


  • Wireframing
  • UI Design
  • Dashboard Design


  • Adobe XD
  • Photoshop

The brief

NVIDIA had a retail demo running in stores around the world that had been built by the team at The Creative Engine, however, whenever one of the OEM’s requested changes to features, the client had to contact The Creative Engine to make the amends and then re-deploy an entirely new build for the customer to then role out.

This project was about providing a system where OEM’s could directly access, and configure their own builds – deciding what features they wanted to create, edit or delete and then deploy it to all relevant stores.

The process

This system had a few complex problems to solve, some of which could have easily pushed the project over-budget if we didn’t manage them correctly. To help prevent this, and to better understand everything that was needed for the client to successfully perform their actions, I created some wireframes.

The feedback given at this stage was far easier to implement than it would have been after creating the high fidelity designs.

I proceeded to apply the NVIDIA branding to the approved wireframes, using a dark theme with their bright green for important buttons and links help to guide the user around the UI.

Using to-the-point instructions, and bold navigation, I created a system that was self-explanatory. Various warnings were implemented into the design as the system wasn’t going to have revisions of features, nor will it store delete features, this was to save budget during technical implementation.

We implemented in situ previews when creating new features and uploading images for them. This allowed the admins to identify images that were either missing or not the correct size.

The solution

The final solution converted a technically challenging task into something that was simple for their sales reps and field agents to setup in-store with very little instructions.

For screens that were a little more complex, we provided just-in-time help and also instructions for what to with afterwards with the downloaded configuration.

The tool also had the ability for multiple configurations for each OEM manufacturer. NVIDIA admins could change OEM so they could edit features on behalf of the OEM users. They could also create new OEMs on the system from this menu too.


The challenging part to this project was around simplifying what could have been a very complicated UI. There were lots of options and configuration possibilities that we had to prioritise and keep only the essentials. With little budget allocated to the technical build, it was vital to make the transition from design to development as effortless as possible.

To help with this, I avoided any complex layouts, and used interactions that we had previously created at The Creative Engine.