The Moment


Case Study

Whilst working at The Moment, I was tasked with creating a small micro-site for the Advanced Digital Learning sector of the business.

It needed to be in line with the current branding, and showcase the learning portfolio of the company.

The Moment desktop preview

The website needed to explain the key points, and processes carried out.

The Moment tablet key points preview

Apart from the copy, the design and build was carried out by myself, with feedback from colleagues around me. Starting on paper, the design then evolved within Photoshop, before finally being developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, and PHP.

The Moment design process

A blog was added to the site to help pump SEO keywords in, as well as update potential clients on our latest developments and news.

The Moment blog preview

The site is fully responsive, and well received throughout the business and by our clients.

The Moment responsive preview
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