Follow Football

Branding • UI • UX • HTML • CSS

Case Study

Follow Football was a collaboration between myself and my brother. He had this idea of creating a huge database of footballers and their teams, each linked with their official social network pages.

I carried out both the branding and website design, which was then passed onto my brother to apply the back end. The follow football logo came to me quickly after I put two F's together and saw they made up the most part of a hash tag.

Follow Football logo

The site had to be mobile friendly due to the nature on how the majority of the public use social network sites.

Follow Football on Mobile

There were some difficult challenges with the UI design. A lot of the site is just a list of players or their teams. So I had to make sure that the lists were clear and easy to read. One check I carried out was to ensure players to teams with extra long names weren't going to break the site!

Follow Football with long team names

Basic site help was provided in the event of an unsuccessful search (due to missing teams, or incorrectly entered search).

Follow Football's failed search tips

When browsing by team, the interaction took the user on a step by step journey.

Follow Football's browse by team function Next Project