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Case Study

As a lead Storyline developer and designer at The Moment, I worked a lot on the Carnival Training that was developed there. When I first joined the company, I was tasked with evolving a previously made template and design, enhancing it with better user experience, and a more consistent design.

The first iteration of this took part in a huge 23 module course titled Human Response Programme. The course revolved around workplace safety such as Working at Heights, Chemical Safety, and Outbreak Management.

The design process started in Photoshop by re-designing all the previously created interactions. Over 35 different slides were design. Below is just a small collection of them.

Carnival elearning template designs as a preview.

Important things I considered were; screen space, consistency, and user experience. Making it more clear to the learner what they had to do next. This was further improved upon in second itteration (more on this later).

Carnival elearning template evolution.

Animation was introduced on the slides to gain more visual interest. The content was very text heavy, so animation helped break it away from being just a digital book, and also used to draw attention to different areas of interest.


The designs were well received, and they were then used for the whole project. After the project was complete, we revisited the designs to improve them once again. Lessons were learnt with the content developed for the previous modules, and the templates were adapted.

I revisited the designs with a newly created style guide covering the complete plethora of assets we create for them - illustrations, animations, video, 3D renders, PowerPoint presentations, and elearning.

Carnival styleguide preview.

Although the newer design gave even more room for text and larger graphics, the real benefit was how the contents could be re-sized to compensate for one another. The use of a design document now ensures all assets are consistent with each other.

Carnival new template preview. Next Project